Dated: - 21.07.2020.


All Co-Chairmen, Managers /

Heads of the Schools



Subject: -    Organizingthe teaching and non-teaching staff of all five aided-Schools of Andhra Education              Society into a Common  Cadre with common seniority as per theprovisions of Rule 109 of Delhi         School Education Rules 1973.


                   TheManaging Committees of all the five Schools of Andhra Education Society byresolution had recommended that the Grant-in-Aid teaching and Non-teachingstaff of the schools run by the Andhra Education Society be constitutedcategory / post wise as a Common Cadre with Joint Seniority.


2.                Basedon the decisions of the Managing Committee of each  School, and after approval of the GoverningBody of the Andhra Education Society, the proposal was submitted to theDirectorate of Education for having a Common Seniority of Teaching /Non-Teaching of all the staff of all the five schools. The Directorate of Educationwhile approving the proposal in principle had desired that Draft Common / JointSeniority list (excluding primary wing of AES R.K. Puram Middle School)category wise be submitted to them immediately for further necessary action. Copyof the Letter No. F.No. 15/ASB/25/C&ND/2020/105 dated 07.01.2020 of theDirectorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi is enclosed as Annexure -1.


3.                Basedon the inputs received from each School(except Primary Wing of the R.K. PuramSchool), Draft Seniority Lists post wise combining all the five schools,prepared as per the instructions of the DOPT, were forwarded to the Directorateof Education vide Letter dated 05.02.2020. Draft Common Seniority Lists of Teaching / Non-teaching Staff post wisewhich were forwarded to the Directorate of Education are attached (Total 17Annexures).


4.                TheManager / HoS are requested to advice all the staff members of the School toverify their details given in the Draft Seniority Lists from the Website of theAndhra Education Society (www.andhraeducationsociety.com). If any omissionsare required to be rectified/corrections are to be made, the staff may beadvised to submit their representations through HoS. All such representations afterverifying the facts from the Service Books, may be forwarded by the HoS/Manager to the Administrative Officer, Andhra Education Society positively by 20.08.2020.The representations can also be Emailed to the Administrative Officer at andhraeducationsociety@gmail.com.


5.       Itmay be noted that Draft Common Seniority Lists which now have been forwarded tothe Directorate of Education, has only very limited purpose. There will becirculation of Seniority List post wise whenever DPC is required to be held forpromotion to any vacant post. Based on the eligible conditions prescribed forpromotion, the Seniority Lists of the Staff in the Feeder Grade fulfilling thequalifications and eligibility conditions will be circulated before conductingthe DPCs. For example, for the post of PGT (English), only such TGTs havingMaster Degree in English subject and having five years experience are eligible.Seniority List of only such eligible TGTs will be circulated before conductingthe DPC for the post of  PGT(English).


6.                TheManager / Head of the School may therefore, update the Service Books by postingthe Educational Qualification possessed by the staff as per the intimationreceived by the concerned staff.

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(S. Eswar Prasad)


Copy to : Administrative Officer, AES.